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Re: [SLUG] Linux -v- M$ Costs (fwd)

{I forgot to CC the list - sorry if you see this twice, Howard}

On Wed, 9 Aug 2000, Howard Lowndes wrote:

> The areas I am looking at are:
> Firewalls and Internet connectivity.  What does M$ need here?

There are a number of products, but the only one which really works is
Firewall1 - mucho dinero. At least $10000.

> Mail server.  Does M$ need Win2K server and M$ Exchange server?

Not necessarily exchange - Notes will do as well - and but you can get
sendmail compiled for NT - from memory, it's not free, but it's not too

This handles your MTA, but your delivery agent still needs something like
Notes or Exchange which has an SMTP-to-proprietry agent.

> Internal file & print server.  I assume Win2K server will do here.

Yeah, it will. Not very well, but it will.

> What does it cost for this lot to be set up by a COMPETENT M$ bod?

Is there any such animal? :) Answer - lots. There's prolly 20-30 hours
work getting NT to do this proeprly - whereas with Linux you could
probably do it in 5 or 6.

> Costs of maintenance and support down the line and ease of remote
> maintenance.

Ease of remote maint? Terrible on Winblows. Cost? Well, that depends on
how much you trust the locals to press the reset button after BSOD's.

Chances are also you'll need _more than one_ Winblows server to do the
job. Trying to run a firewall as well as a mail server as well as file and
print on the one Winblows box is just asking for trouble.

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