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Re: modem connect speeds (was Re: [SLUG] Telstra ADSL RIP-OFF)

> Sounds about right to me. But I think there's a difference in the speed
> a 56k modem can upload and download - downloads should be faster,
> because there you're changing digital to analogue, which should work
> better than the analogue to digital required for uploading info. I think
> I've got that the right way around. :-) Bottom line is - a 56k modem can
> download faster than it uploads. In theory you can get a full 56k
> download speed, but not upload (all depending on line quality).

Thats right you are capped to 33.6 K upstream, and you only get 56K
downstream if your ISP has digital lines all the way from there office to
the exchange they use.


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