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Re: [SLUG] [OT] contracting agency?

Angus Lees wrote:
> [sorry for the quite off-topic post]
> i'm looking at "upgrading" a legal firms network, and figured i'd
> better actually get professional indemnity assurance.
> the best (cheapest) way of doing this seems to be to do the work
> through one of those "cover" agencies.
> anyone recommend a good one?

Well, ask the company which agency do they already use.
Alternatively, Tom Marinov of MCS might be approachable.

Also, enroll in TechStreet and read the agency reviews;

The catch is most agencies still want me to have $10,000,000 coverage
myself and many will only deal with companies as service providers,
not individuals or partnerships.
> (probably should reply privately)

I figure it affects a few on the list who are considering this sort of

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