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Re: [SLUG] SBS program

> Jamie Honan wrote:
> Jeez I hope it's not as lame as the Panaroma program
> four corners ran last week.

Heh... CodeRush has been given some great reviews, and is supposedly very
good. The Panorama one was a laugh - I think the only thing I got out of it
was my Dad realising that, yes, an insecure OS is the *vendors* fault, not
the `hackers'.

> Also, current Linux Journal has an opinion piece by
> Doc Searls on Netscape / MS/ DOJ.
> He has them adding features because one customer asked for it.
> I doubt it.

Ooof. That's a tough one... MS really do listen to their developers (even if
they're a tad slow)...

If the request was for access to every element and attribute on the page
(even non-HTML) through a reasonable DOM, sure. If it was for sane CSS,
sure. If it was for a componentised rendering widget, sure. If you're in a
position to target IE as a `platform', your options open up dramatically. It
still kicks the divs outta Netscape, MS or not.

Of course, IE doesn't just open up your options. Oh, and given the recently
covered cDc hack on Netscape, neither does it. ;)

- Jeff

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