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> Having said that, I'd respectfully suggest that you lighten up a bit !!

dont get me wrong, it doesnt offend me in the slightest, and ill often be
the first to agree, but does it have to occur every single day of the week?
im not specifically refering to you, im refering to the list as a whole. im
really quiet amazed at the percentage of non-linux related posts to the
list, which ive been subscribed to for some time.

I guess you are right - it does happen occasionally (and it is really only occasionally), and when it does it continues for a while.

To be fair, I've gotten to the stage where there are things in the list that don't interest me (topics that I am not involved with at the moment) - I'll either just filter these into the SLUG - To Be read Later" mailbox, or delete them entirely.

Each to their own, I guess.... I think the signal-to-noise ratio is getting better - the amount of technical expertise that's available on this list is worth putting up with some OT posts....

And let's face it - geeks have to have fun sometimes (even at Bill's expense !!)


It is grossly irresponsible to connect a Windows machine directly to the net. ;-)
							John Wiltshire - SLUG