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RE: [SLUG] routing oops

Great thanks... I really needed that. At least I'm famous and got no money
for it.

Thing is I search and search until I give up and then after sending to slug
for a guide and then I search through one more (dead looking) link and
whola, there is the son of a b^&#@$#&&@%#*@^#(@^#(@^$(#^%)&$^!

Now back to my SSL/Apache problems. No..No... dare I ask there will be an
answer.. Damn Seg Faults..

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	Happens to all of us :) (Just ask George) You say, "Bugger it,
i'll mail Slug about it," and exactly 5 seconds later, you find a web page
explaining all about it...
	Oh well, that's the way the cookie crumbles...


    "First, it's done on UNIX, then done on Windows. It's always the way..."

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