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Re: [SLUG] Compulsory listserv?

Scott Donkin wrote:
> Christ I'm having a good night...
> I just merrily hit the OK to all the spelling suggestions I got, including
> changing unsubscribe to un subscribe.
> The msg I sent should read:
> OK - let's do this again slowly:
> Can you please give me the *correct* address AND command for unsubscribing
> from this list.
> I have now sent mail to slug-request@xxxxxxxxxxx with the command in the
> body: unsubscribe
> I have also tried using unsubscribe and my email address. Both times it
> comes back asking for a password that I supposedly supplied when
> subscribing. I didn't. I have the original mail here.
> I'd appreciate the plain English version if there is one.
> Thanks.

Responding, slowly.

Note that I have _nothing_ to do with the administration of the list. I
have, however, just tested this myself. It works.

First, all of the information that you need can be reached from the
information quoted in your own message:

> --
> SLUG - Sydney Linux User Group Mailing List - http://slug.org.au/
> More Info: http://slug.org.au/lists/listinfo/slug

- Point your browser at http://slug.org.au/lists/listinfo/slug

- At the bottom of the page is a section labelled "To change your
subscription (set options like digest and delivery modes, get a reminder
of your password, or unsubscribe from Slug), enter your subscription
email address:"

- Enter your email address here and press "Edit Options".

- Click the "Email My Password To Me" button.

- When this email arrives, return to the above page (I started from the
beginning, it is possible that using your browsers' 'Back' button will
also work) and in the section labelled "To unsubscribe, enter your
password and hit the button. (If you've lost your password, see just
below to have it emailed to you.) ", enter your password then press the
Unsubscribe button.

- You will see a page telling you that you have been unsubscribed.

- A little later you will receive an email confirming that this has

This is a little more roundabout than gratuitously consuming the time of
a volunteer admin, but it is about the least that can be done to ensure
that anyone who isn't you is unable to (un)subscribe you. Get used to
it, MailMan is getting wider and wider use for mailing list

It is possible that there is an email-only way of achieving all of this,
I don't know what it is. If you don't have a web-browser, say so.

- Raz