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Re: [SLUG] MAX OS...

George Vieira wrote:
> Looks like they're up to scratch on their homework..
> 2.4 kernel and 2.2.16 (exploit free kernel, until a new bug has been found)
> Winmodem support ( first I've seen )

I'm wondering exactly what they mean by Winmodem support. After all,
there are quite a few different Winmodems, and they all need a different
driver. They don't seem to say which Winmodems in particular they'll
support. I do know for example that the Linux driver for Lucent
Winmodems doesn't work with the 2.2.16 ppp module, you have to hack up
the 2.2.14 module and use it. So I wonder what they've done about that.

One thing I did find interesting though:


`To help Windows users make the transition to Linux, Mosaic, working
India's Sona Valliappa Group, will offer a Linux simulator, which runs
in a
Microsoft Windows[tm] environment. This allows users to go through the
of installing and setting up Linux, without leaving Windows. Mosaic will
up with training programs to help users with tasks within Linux itself'.

Never heard of anything like that before. They certainly seem to be
doing a lot to help people move to Linux from Windows.