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Re: [SLUG] Widespread authentication


> How about execution?

> In some parts of the world, the (correct?) identification of the
> creators of particular pieces of intended-to-be anonymous speech is
> likely to have this result. The problem is spam, the elimination of
> anonymous speech is not a desirable side-effect of solving the spam
> problem, in my opinion.

I wasn't suggesting the elimination of anonimity.

The use of anonymous identities still requires responsibilities.

I imagine that if you launched a denial of service attack on an
anonimizing remailer, protection of your identity would not be 
a high priority.

Think about it. You are offered a bargain, partial anonymity
provided you don't abuse the system.

There is also the question of identity, or the possibility of
multiple identities. In an online environment, this may not
relate to a physical identity, and still be acceptable (hence
probably satisfies your criteria of anonymous)

Spam is only one aspect of anti social behaviour. There is a range
of behaviour, from excessive flaming, through to denial of service.

There could be a whole range of possibilities that we can't do on the
internet now because we can't easily establish levels of trust.