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Re: [SLUG] Linux news on slashdot

On 30 Nov, Craige McWhirter scribbled:
-> On Thu, 30 Nov 2000 04:44:16 you wrote:
->> installing software on linux is a pain - compared to windows. - you
-> Not with apt. I'm sorry Raster, but running "apt-get install gnomehack"
-> (for example) and having the correct version downloaded, installed,
-> configured with all it's dependencies is something I've never seen in 10 years
-> of supporting Windows. Many's the time myself or users have installed
-> something that either broke an installed library or need more things to be
-> downloaded to work properly. My grandma can't handle that.

I have a debain machine - mine at home.. and yes it's gerat apt gets
stuff for you.. but thats such a minor thing... i've got many games..
they just "install" and work - they have any dependancies they may need
on the cd (directx etc.) - just hit install and keep hitting next..
done. windwos for me has always "just worked"

-> I haven't read a README since going to Debian to get an application to
-> work. I'm still unsure whether that's good or bad.

i've had to read many.. like man pages for dhcpd which chanegdc config
file formats.. and if i wasnt so familiar with X and nvidia i'd have
spent a god extra few days getting X up.. but i've done it before so
many times i can roll my own xf86config off the top of my head for xf4.

->> decompress/run/do somethngt with that file - get a Cd of 3rd party
->> software (linux has distros - but they will never answer everything -
->> in the end 3rd party is going to be the "big thing" and it's
-> important
->> it gets worked out) and you actually have to go to a lot of effort to
->> read the readme - set things up (quake3 is an example) - installign
->> drivers is a real pain. under windows installing 4rd party software
-> is
->> just a matter of sticking the CD in - same with drivers. windows
-> takes
->> it from there - pops up the autorun thing -where you get a nice big
->> "install me" button or "uninstall" etc. - its just so much less pain
-> Uninstall doesn't work properly nine times out of 10. apt-get remove
-> gnomehack works everytime.

uninstall in windows has never failed for me. i've used it many times.

->> and wokr than linux. linxu means u have to be nigh a guru to get 3rd
->> party drivers working - getting nvidia's 3d to work is an example -
->> everyone at work seems to keep coming to me to "fix" their machines
-> by
->> setting this up because i'm one of the few guys around who knwos how
-> to
->> make it work - and this is in engineering at VA... just think of the
->> poor average joe schmo user... and this is just where the examples
->> start... :)
-> I think your perspective is where we differ. You use Linux on the
-> bleeding edge, so close you're falling off (points for recognising the quote).

yes i do.. but i do in windows too.. i use my nvidia card there.. its
trivial to make it work under windows.. stick driver Cd in.. done. it
was such a painless exercise :)

-> You use windows as a closed product - this is equivalent to buying
-> RH/SuSE/Corel and not tampering with it when it's installed. just adding apps
-> that run on it. I don't think there's any real basis for comparison
-> between a heavily hacked Linux system and Windows, unless you're also working
-> with the windows source code and trying to do similar things with that
-> system as you are to Linux.

BUT under windows my hardware i bought just works.. becuase drivers come
with it... linxu fails miserably in supporting a fair bit of hardware...
and huntign the drivers is somehting quite painful.

-> I'm just a lowly admin/user. I do *NOT* want to hack code, I want things
-> to just work and work properly. This is what lead me from Windows to
-> Linux and eventually, Debian. My servers and desktops are just smooth and my
-> grandma can use them providing I have installed her system correctly.

aaaaaaaaaah "providing" - could she do it herself tho? :)

-> I'm not going to say that Linux is good for the brain dead user, it's
-> not, never will be, even when the interface improves. Windows/MacOS are for
-> passengers, Linux is for people who like to be in control of their
-> vehicle(s).

we have to realise its far from perfect - far far far. it's come a logn
way.. but has a lot further to go.

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