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Re: [SLUG] Linux news on slashdot

On Thu, 30 Nov 2000 04:44:16 you wrote:

> installing software on linux is a pain - compared to windows. - you

Not with apt. I'm sorry Raster, but running "apt-get install gnomehack"
(for example) and having the correct version downloaded, installed,
configured with all it's dependencies is something I've never seen in 10 years
of supporting Windows. Many's the time myself or users have installed
something that either broke an installed library or need more things to be
downloaded to work properly. My grandma can't handle that.

> have to find the right file - read a readme - figure out how to

I haven't read a README since going to Debian to get an application to
work. I'm still unsure whether that's good or bad.

> decompress/run/do somethngt with that file - get a Cd of 3rd party
> software (linux has distros - but they will never answer everything -
> in the end 3rd party is going to be the "big thing" and it's
> it gets worked out) and you actually have to go to a lot of effort to
> read the readme - set things up (quake3 is an example) - installign
> drivers is a real pain. under windows installing 4rd party software
> just a matter of sticking the CD in - same with drivers. windows
> it from there - pops up the autorun thing -where you get a nice big
> "install me" button or "uninstall" etc. - its just so much less pain

Uninstall doesn't work properly nine times out of 10. apt-get remove
gnomehack works everytime.

> and wokr than linux. linxu means u have to be nigh a guru to get 3rd
> party drivers working - getting nvidia's 3d to work is an example -
> everyone at work seems to keep coming to me to "fix" their machines
> setting this up because i'm one of the few guys around who knwos how
> make it work - and this is in engineering at VA... just think of the
> poor average joe schmo user... and this is just where the examples
> start... :)

I think your perspective is where we differ. You use Linux on the
bleeding edge, so close you're falling off (points for recognising the quote).
You use windows as a closed product - this is equivalent to buying
RH/SuSE/Corel and not tampering with it when it's installed. just adding apps
that run on it. I don't think there's any real basis for comparison
between a heavily hacked Linux system and Windows, unless you're also working
with the windows source code and trying to do similar things with that
system as you are to Linux.

I'm just a lowly admin/user. I do *NOT* want to hack code, I want things
to just work and work properly. This is what lead me from Windows to
Linux and eventually, Debian. My servers and desktops are just smooth and my
grandma can use them providing I have installed her system correctly.

I'm not going to say that Linux is good for the brain dead user, it's
not, never will be, even when the interface improves. Windows/MacOS are for
passengers, Linux is for people who like to be in control of their



Apt-get a clue. Apt-get Debian.