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Re: [SLUG] Debian Vs RedHat Request for advice/discussion

Jamie, do you think you could shorten that up to 4 lines? People will
annoyed when I start using that as my signature.

> Let me turn this on its head.
> Every organisation relies on the efforts of its
> members. 
> For businesses, the members may be called staff.
> People do valuable things. They contain knowledge, they have
> varying talents, they contribute in different ways.
> Some people, extremely talented ones, contribute far more than
> others. People are not replaceable, not interchangeable. 
> You can't replace one talented motivated person with ten 
> indifferent people.
> When people are valued, when their beliefs, their customs, their
> way of thinking is respected, when the organisation goes to some
> to respect that way of thinking, then people respond by assisting
> that organisation in ways that are unexpected, incredibly
> important, even vital.
> So an organisation that can't tolerate work environment differences,
> can't tolerate or take seriously a sincerely held belief, then that
> organisation has limited its future prospects.
> An organisation that arbitrarily mandates certain operating systems
> certain software, limits the ability of employees to be creative,
> to be in charge of their lives; runs the risk of producing
> a clone mentality, a narrow introspective outlook, of alienating
> talented key staff.
> Jamie
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