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Re: [SLUG] Older i386 looking for buff firewall. Must know how to handle badpackets...

Aaron Binns wrote:
> Hello World,
> Ive got an old 386 machine - an SX I suspect thought I dont know for sure - with
> 4meg ram, 20mge hdd, 5.25" and 3.5" floppy drives, ega & 8-bit soundblaster
> card. I want to make this machine into a firewall for an up-coming cable or adsl
> connection. It doesnt have to run any web proxy or mail server or squid cache -
> just firewall between outside and inside.
> 1. Now, can you make a linux install on a 20mg drive on a 386 which will do
> this? - and what distro is best suited for this?

There are plenty of small distros about, but you'd be better off
with a 486 or at least a 386DX. If you want to roll your own mini
distro try a Debian small install without X - Under 40 Mb if I
remember correctly. 

> 2. What networking cards should I get? (ISA? PCI? - assuming there are enough

There are NO PCI slots on 386 motherboards, they came in after the
VESA slots on the 486's

> slots for each...)
> 3. Where can I get these cards from?

Try Granville (the market is part of the OZ design warehouse - you
turn left at the second set of lights (coming from Parramatta on
Parramatta Road) - the first set only let you turn right! And then
turn right into the lane at the back of the warehouse (it's on the
corner). There is a little parking at the back and the market is
open 10-3 Saturday and Sunday I think. Or you could try North
Rocks on Sunday, but it will be smaller than usual due to the
constraints that Westfield put on the traders in the lead up to

> 4. Will doing this increase my Internet latency much if at all?

Depends on your connection, Mine would to be an XT to be any
slower ;-P

> 5. Since the box doesnt have a cd-rom drive - would it be best to install off floppies or do a network install?

NFS install is easier than floppies.

> 6. Is there anything else I will need that I havent mentioned?

> Cheers + TIA,
> Aaron

Stay well and happy