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Re: [SLUG] GPS stuff

Anand Kumria <wildfire@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
> On Mon, Nov 27, 2000 at 04:11:18PM +1100, Rodos wrote:
> > I did a search of Freshmeat and there is software to get the trip data off
> > through the PC interface cable. But I was wondering what software was
> > around for them commbining with scanned maps etc etc. What are people
> > using them for and what should one look out for.
> All good questions but none I can answer (the unit wasn't mine; some
> of the comments above are relaying his).

I like the Garmin GPS2 because it can sit on the dash of my car
but also be used as handheld (the display rotates 90 degrees).
You can also get a combination power/data cable (they chew
through batteries pretty quickly).  It also has the option
to plug in an external antenna.

Look for as many "X channel parallel" satellite as possible.
"Parallel" is the magic word - it refers to acquiring the
satellites in parallel rather than one at a time.  The min
standard now is about 12 channel parallel.

Also the time it takes upon power-on to give you a reading
might be useful if you'll be turning it on/off all the time
to save batteries (they can all track satellites fairly quickly
if left on, but different brands/models take different amounts
of time to give you an initial reading upon power-on).

They all have hundreds of routes/waypoints storage so not much
in it there.  Maybe the ability to backtrack along a route
might be useful.

And if you intend to use it instead of a compass, one that
works as a compass when stationary would be good.  Most only
give compass readings when on the move.

I don't actually have one, this is all just from casual research
over a fair period of time as we intend to get one sometime.