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RE: [SLUG] Older i386 looking for buff firewall. Must know how to handle bad packets...

> For all the talk of a basic 386 running Linux .. is it really true? The
> cannot handle any more ram chips and I don't want to spend a heap of dosh
on new
> chips for such old equipment. So can Linux really handle a 386 sx with 4mb
> (stable with decent uptime).. or have I found my first myth & untruth
> Linux? heck Id been looking forward to seeing Linux run on the old box.

I've done Slackware 3.1 on a 386/20, surprisingly it worked ok using ipfwadm
(IPChains was new then).
It had 8Mb RAM and 210Mb HDD though...
How many simm slots does your machine have? I have a small pile of 1Mb 30pin
simms if that helps... I can get some 4Mb ones also but probably not free ;(