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Re: [SLUG] Nautilus review

On 27 Nov, John Ryland scribbled:
-> On Monday 27 November 2000 14:06, raster@xxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
->> they do... they use efm :) hehehe and help with it :)
->> yeah - anyone with questions about efm and why we "nuked it" and whate
->> happening and what will be coming along.. you can ske me in janruary...
->> at linux.conf.au :)
-> Hi Raster
-> I will be there. I wanted to check out EFM at work (and possibly hack on it) 
-> but I was dissappointed to not find it in the CVS repository. 

yup - sorry but the numebr of annoying questions related to what is in
effect an obsolete and never to be maintained codebase were getting too
much (this is where open source falls down and ceases to work well -
when uses use up so much of developers time that it stosp them from
getting on with work) so we removed it as a result (and no - no comments
in README'S saying its not supported help - people dont read it or
ignore it) 

-> (PS Can you please update your web page http://www.enlightenment.org/efm.html 
-> to reflect that EFM isn't avaliable to save other people the trouble of 
-> retrieving the whole enlightenment CVS only to find it not there).

I could... then again you COULduse sourceforge's browse CVs feature to
look for it without fetching all of CVS :) updating the fm page means i
spend that many minutes/hours not coding.. :)

-> Keep up the good work and hope to see you at linux.conf.au
-> John

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