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Re: [SLUG] SQL Servers

<quote who="Jon Biddell">

> Is there a RAD-type interface for PostgreSQL ? I've briefly played
> with the MySQL front end and it's good to do rapid dev. with. 

Well, there's the web-based php(My|Pg)Admin, which I find pretty poor, but a
lot of people like them. There are also some Gnome and KDE interfaces under

I'm a bit of a fan of the text interface myself - psql even has command
completion. :)

> Yes, I know I need to put the effort into learning the language,
> etc, but I need to get a few things going quickly.,...

The PostgreSQL docs are a bit obtuse, which is a shame. They're definitely
written from the point of view of 'developer seeking SQL92 compliance'. :)
You read up on something useful and find out at the bottom of the page that
it isn't implemented yet (the one that I *really* miss is outer joins, but
these are coming RSN). :D

>  > Again, very humbling stuff. 
> Yes, you can say that again...:-)

Heh. :) So many good people... I have a lot of beers to buy this January.

- Jeff

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