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RE: [SLUG] an ISP to avoid

Tel$tra were not much better.. I had problems accessing their mail relay
server and I told him that I can reach it from outside but not via the ADSL
link. I told him specifically that I tried telnetting to the IP address and
it failed.

"He suggested that I check my domain suffix.."

I just told him that I was trying at the IP address for crying out loud..

He then admitted he's not a techo at all..      No sh%#........

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avoid AAPT Smartchat.  I believe they're in the process of
dumping dialup customers anyway onto AOL Australia, so
that should give people a hint.

In short, some memorable quotes from a "Customer Support
Representative, Management Escalations":

"The average PC user does not usually use the Linux system,
as it is extremely complex."

"It requires all of the configurations to be done manually."

"AAPT does not offer technical support for customers who use
the Linux operating systems.  AAPT have never made any premise
into the support of customers using any distribution of Linux.
Therefore, AAPT cannot be held accountable for any lack of
support incurred in this area.  Technical support will be
given to customers supporting the minimum Smartchat Internet
requirements -
  Operating System = Win 95, 98 or NT, Mac
  Personal Computer
  16 MB RAM
  25-35 MB or more free hard disk space
  14.4 kbps modem or faster
  VGA/256 colours
  CD ROM drive"

"Customers ... should understand that Smartchat Technical
Support are only able to help with Smartchat Internet difficulties."

and so on (spelling/grammer mistakes are hers, not mine).

One of my complaints was that tech support staff are clueless
and advise rebooting as a first suggestion and don't appear
to have been trained in any form of problem analysis, eg.
thinking about the problem and what might cause it.

The problem I was having was to do with connecting to their access
server, the problems were visible manually dialing in with
programs like minicom.  It wasn't a linux problem but as soon
as I mentioned the word "linux" they started trying to palm me

On the other hand, Iprimus tech support seems good, they knew
linux stuff when I rang to get info like their DNS numbers etc
cos their setup CD thing only works on M$ so I didn't use it.
I chatted with the guy for a few minutes about linux.
Only problem is they are too slow for me.  I will probably try
ihug next (why is ADSL so bloody expensive?!!!).


Fuller story included below:

For a few months I have had problems dialing in with my
"gateway" machine - it worked perfectly for a year or so
then suddenly failed to connect.  Anyway lots of mucking
around, ringing tech support etc (who are useless by the
way, I generally tried to call connect.com.au tech support
who are much better but they don't like you calling them

Anyway, upshot is we were completely unable to connect for
a while (got a temp account at another ISP) and tech support
didn't return my phone calls.  I wrote a letter to the support
manager, no response after a couple of weeks so I stopped
paying any AAPT bills (and sent their billing dept a letter
saying I'll pay them when the issues I raised in the previous
letter are resolved).

I then went on holiday for 6 weeks.  I get back and there's
several bills from them, final demand notices and disconnection
notices (I had the phone with them too) and a reply to my letter
(funnily enough the phone still works).

My main complaints were about clueless tech support staff and
not returning phone calls but as happened in the phone
conversations, the reply letter glossed over that and concentrated
on saying how much they don't support anyone using linux.

I will reply to them again in a week or so.  I have already
changed my phone to another carrier and now begin the search
for another ISP.

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