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[SLUG] Repeated FAQs page

Hi all,

Does anybody agree that it might be an idea to have some sort of nicely
nested FAQs web page on FA'SLUG'Q placed on the page instead of an archive.
Archives are sometimes hard to search and I thought possibly a nested
"folder=topic" type listing would be easier to find.. Here's what I'm trying
to express...

  |   +--IPMASQADM
  |   |   +--Setting up port forwarding using IPMASQADM
  |   +--IPCHAINS
  |   +--Network Cards
  |   +--Memory
  |   +--RAID
  |        +--Creating Software RAID
  |   +--Gimp


I know this is probably hard to maintain but is it worth it compared to the
number of emails we get which has been covered over and over again?

George Vieira
Network Administrator
PGP Fingerprint :	43DC 92AC 1A82 27B2 E97B  52F1 B60F 301A 38A9 A10C
PGP KeyID:		0x38A9A10C