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[SLUG] Bumper stickers get seen

Hi all,

Jill here (wrested the keyboard from Mike... too lazy to subscribe
separately from home...)

The scene: City road, today, just before noon.
The cast: Jill Rowling (JR); Giggle Boy (GB, a taxi driver).

JR hails a taxi outside Sydney Uni. Destination: Rosebery.
At City Road JR notices the car in front has a prominent bumper

JR: Oh, well look at that. "I Love Linux".
GB: What's Linux?
JR: A computer operating system.
GB: I don't know much about computers. What's it say on the fine print?
JR: "Everything Linux dot com dot au". They're a local company...
GB: (Raves on about rich people and Mr Gates.)
JR: But Linux isn't put out by Microsoft; it's another operating system,
a bit more reliable than Windows.
GB: I went to a seminar where Bill Gates told everyone about his
wonderful plans for the future (raves on more...) I don't mind as long
as it lets people be more productive.
JR: But the look and feel changes every year. How can that improve
productivity? It'd be like if car makers changed the car controls every
year. What if next year the steering wheel was in the back seat and they
re-arranged the pedals all the time?
GB: But people like Windows.
JR: Yes, but I'm not sure that they are getting more productive. The
operating system I use has had the same basic look and feel for the past
decade or so.
GB: What's your job?
JR: Computer system administrator...

JR arrives at destination and pays fare. Hopefully GB has learned there
is something else out there, but maybe I am preaching to the
unconvertable! Powerful thing, marketing.

- Jill Rowling 
Michael Lake
Active caver, Linux enthusiast and interested in anything technical.
Safety Convenor, Australian Speleological Federation
Owner, Speleonics (Australia)