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Re: [SLUG] [rant] Linux Unreal_Tournament is unbelieveable.

This says more about the ability of the GeForce when handled properly.

I've seen the GeForce hit [calculated] framerates over 80fps in Quake3 with
full detail turned on under 'doze, at most resolutions [I think I saw it up
to 1280x1024 - I don't own new enough a machine to run a GeForce - heck, I'm
still using a Riva128 PCI and a Voodoo2].

Unreal Tournament had really dodgey drivers for DirectX and OpenGL, hence
why Glide cards are recommended above all else.

UnrealTournament was seriously underrated due to such performance issues.
Hopefully somebody will backport this new OpenGL driver back to Windows so
more windows people can get into UT seriously.  Apart from that, UT performs
admirably on my P233MMX, even under Linux.  Just my good soundcard only
works under Windows. :/  I'm saving up to replace the bugger.  [No, don't
suggest ALSA.  The card in question is unlikely to be supported by any other
OS at all].

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> I had been following the progress of Linux UT though. Apparently, after
> Lokigames took control of the maintenance of the linux code, the linux
> OpenGL renderer was written almost from scratch cos the windows one was
> such a dodgy hack. Anyway, I got UT working in linux yesterday. Xfree
> 4.0.1, Nvidia Geforce, nvidia drivers. I am pleased to say that UT
> totally SCREAMS on my Geforce in Linux, now. 1600x1200 everything to max
> (but 16bit color) I get 47-60 fps while running around levels. In
> windows, I remember getting between 12 and 30 in 1024x768.
> I dont know if the windows UT has improved much, but if it hasn't then
> this would have to be the first time a Linux game outperforms its
> windows version, outright. This is ridiculous how fast UT plays.