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Re: [SLUG] static Ip addresses

What we do is setup a ssh tunnel for various ports to various machines in 
Norway on our firewall which has the ADSL connection. We then use ipchains to 
forward the connections through the ssh tunnels.

something like this on the firewall:

ipchains -A input -s -d headoffice.no 110 -p tcp -j REDIRECT 5110 
ipchains -A input -s -d headoffice.no 25 -p tcp -j REDIRECT 5025

ssh -f -g \
	-L 5110:headoffice.no:110 \
	-L 5025:headoffice.no:25 \
	headoffice.no \
	tail -f /etc/motd

the tail thing is just to stop it timing out all the time.


On Friday 17 November 2000 10:40, George Vieira wrote:
> My guess is use a VPN connection and then they and redirect that IP through
> the VPN to you but that's a bit of overkill I guess.. as requests will go
> to the 3rd party and then across to you.. that's a long trip and I think
> that's the only way with dynamic unless you get some sort of Dynamic DNS
> going with the 3rd party.
> thanks,
> George Vieira
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> Subject: [SLUG] static Ip addresses
> Hi,
> I am in the process of trying to setup a linux machine connected to the
> internet.
> I am interested in using ADSL as supplied by telstra. Problem is that I
> would require a static IP address, which they do not supply at the moment.
> Is there some way I could use a class C IP address supplied from a 3rd
> party as my static IP address. eg: Our head office in the UK has its own
> class C address so could I get an IP from them to use here? If so what
> would I need to do to get it to work properly?
> regards
> Alister Waller (B. Comp)
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