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[SLUG] Re: Re: Debian + alsa + reiserfs + make-kpkg

\begin{James Wilkinson}
> This one time, at band camp, Angus Lees said:
> >\begin{James Wilkinson}
> >> >whenever I do an apt update, my new kernel image gets dusted by the
> >> >version in the distro.
> >
> >add an epoch. ie: make-kpkg --revision 1:willow.1
> >or make your version start with a letter, so its always greater than
> >the official versions (which start with a number)
> 'w' isn't a letter now?
> I was using --revision=willow.1, and they were getting beaten by
> '2.2.17-1'.

apparently herbert screwed up somewhere ;)

roach:~> apt-cache show kernel-image-2.2.17 | grep Version:
Version: 1:2.2.17-1

to quote from /usr/doc/kernel-package/README.gz,

  "I fear, though, that with the introduction of epochs in kernel
  image versions shame has entered the garden of eden, and we must
  forever use epochs to guard against forced upgrades."

ie: make it 1:willow.1, or just 9:willow.1 and be done with it.

 - Gus