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Re: [SLUG] [OT] Dual motherboards

Ive used gigabit and supermicro dual boards.
(both pentium3 pased)
Both work as well as could be expected i guess.
USB works (the supermicro i used has 4 ports 
on the root hub...).
On both, adaptec scsi/raid was used, the ide
is only used for a single cdrom.
I couldnt find out what chipset the ide controller
was on the supermicro, not a big deal though.

the gigabit has an onboard adaptec scsi which 
works fine, rh install picked it up fine.

the supermicro has an on board eepro100, which
also works fine on its own or with a second
eepro100 (i cant imagine any problems).


Adrian van den Dries wrote:
> [ Please reply off-list, unless of course you think it's pertinent ]
> I'm looking to buy a dual cpu motherboard, but I'm having trouble finding
> vendors and good reviews. Can anyone offer:
> - hardware recommendations (boards, chipsets, CPUs, socket or slot)
> - vendor recommendations
> - testimonials, gotchas
> - URLs
> Cheers.
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