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[SLUG] Dial on Demand

I use dial-on-demand PPP to an ISP, from RH6.0
The ISP assigns a different IP address each time.
I leave local IP address as blank,
& I chose one of the assigned remote IP addresses as a "typical" address,
& added it as the nominal remote address.

This is enough to trigger the dial on demand activation, but the actual
link uses the assigned remote & local addresses.

I use the option "demand idle 900"

I looked at using "diald" package with RH5.x, but it was much simpler
to upgrade to RH6.0 and use the builtin dial on demand.
This now activates automatically when triggered by browser access from
Windows hosts, or cron'd mail collections, ftp's, perl's, etc.

It's also nice to add squid proxy caching, and caching DNS to reduce dialing.

Brian Martin, martinbj@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Future Software Pty Ltd, Sydney, Australia.