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Re: [SLUG] c/c++ course

On Thu, 9 Nov 2000, Rodos wrote:

> Also set yourself a task to perform at the end. The best example is a
> simple text based game like robots or something. Write it and then go over
> every line of code and see where you can make it better.

Well I got all nerstalgic and found my old crobots program I wrote when
first learning C. It was dated 1st June, 1994, wow was it that long ago!
Found versions for VMS, Unix and DOS, same source file. ncurses remained
failfull over all that time, well it probably just hasn't changed since

Its great to enter "gcc crobots.c -lncurses -o crobots" on a totaly
different machine and distro over 6 years later and still have it compile
and run straight away!

Give me ANSI C any day! Maybe I should rewrite it in Perl!


P.S. I say this as I currently write a system in C++Builder which has a
lot of extenstions ... oh well ... never practice what you preach!

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