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Re: Lilypond, was Re: [SLUG] Music Editor/Notator

Peter Chubb wrote:

> There's lots of good stuff in input/test (examples).  You can force a
> break anywhere you want with \break  -- but it'll only do it on a bar line.

aargh, thanks, I hadn't found them. Examples are better than the manual.

So far, adjusting \shape 50.\mm, 75.\mm  in 25mm steps is achieving much
of what I want.

> For paper size -- it all defaults to A4.  You can change this but I
> never bother (my printer only ever has A4 paper in it!)

True, margins are something I'm looking at as well {:-}

Linux developer attitudes are definitely progressing. I can remember
past (distant, ancient) slug list posts where the reply was "read the
code" if you wanted to know how it worked. At least we get a manual now
and I'd have to look hard to find one worse that an <flame alert> <this
is definitely not a troll> MS manual </troll> /<flame>.

Obligatory Ot part;

In On top of Old Smokey, do you sing "come a coutin' too slow" or
"through coutin' too slow", and does anyone have all the verses to Meat
Balls handy? 

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