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Re: Lilypond, was Re: [SLUG] Music Editor/Notator

Malcolm Tredinnick wrote:

> Aaah ... you fell for it! Imagine expecting the documentation to be
> included with the package just because that would be easy for the user.
> <sigh> :-)
> There is a link from the lilypond homepage
> http://www.cs.ruu.nl/~hanwen/lilypond/ to the user manual.


For some reason I tried "make doc" and it produced a whole pile of doco.
Don't ask me why as I don't understand the GNUmakefile's that are
included in every directory of the tar.gz. Anyway, this produced
something under user and by passing something through latex I eventually
came up with some sort of reference manual.

Since then I've been playing with the examples on my first song. I've
worked out how to enter six verses, etc. Now I'm looking at how to make
it break music staff on verses/chorus, etc and papersize details. You
know, the stuff you really want to know, but it is as clear as mud and
not indexed or is explained someplace else..

After seeing what Liliypond can do, I'll leave Musixtex. Adding cords is
the hardest I'm going to need and I get all my timings come from the

Taah all.

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