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Re: [SLUG] Html Email Format part 2

luke@xxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
> With the recent discussion about reasons for not using HTML for email,
> I was surprised that no one mentioned that there is a pre-existing
> carefully designed international standard format for enriched mail,
> called MIME, which has been in existence for donkey's years.

Have I missed something here?

HTML email uses a content-type header:

 Content-Type: text/html

MIME attachments use (variations on) the following headers: 

 MIME-Version: 1.0
 Content-Type: multipart/mixed; ... etc

HTML is a text markup facility.
MIME is a general-purpose encoding scheme for *any* content type.

Tell me, Luke, how would MIME help you enriched email
using MIME? The only way I can think of is encoding an enriched
document, which brings us to the same probs we have with HTML
email: bulk, useless in text-only, etc.etc

> Though I only know of one mail program that displays MIME 100% correctly
> according to the specs, and *that* one is a friend's private hobby
> project still in development.  :-(

Tell us more. And more specifically, does this project display all
content-types that MIME can handle? If it does, it must be the biggest
application in existence, since MIME can be used to encode every content
type in the universe.

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