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[SLUG] Re: multiple POP-3 servers on one machine

\begin{Rick Welykochy}
> So all I really want is a preforking multi-IP highly configurable
> POP-3 server that functions basically the same way that Apache
> does.

i went looking earlier this year, my conclusion is:

     *all* IMAP/POP3 server suck.

which surprised me greatly, considering they have to be some of the
widest used protocols out there.

i ended up hacking my required combination of basic features into one
that had most of them (qpopper, iirc)

writing the definative POP/IMAP server would be an extremely good
project for someone, except that the IMAP protocol is quite complex,
so you really need to use the UW imap code (c-client) anyway.

 - Gus