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Re: [SLUG] Debian newbie guide for existing linux users

<quote who="Heracles">

> Who'll probably tell you to RTFM

Not a chance - why is Debian special? Because it's a community as well as an
operating system. The more manpower the better, and that's why you'll find
that Debian people are amongst the most helpful you can find.

Without any profits or shareholders to-- wait a moment, there are. The
profits are better systems (and more time on our hands), and the
shareholders are fellow users.

> Debian has a special (read obscure) way of doing EVERYTHING.

...and how those special and obscure ways add up to a wonderfully
predictable and sensible whole. I find out amazingly cool new things every
day. Sure, you aren't given a GUI method of doing everything under the sun,
but you aren't given the run around either...

How many times can I say it? Packages *just work*. Maintainers care.
Everybody benefits. It's way cool.

I'm not sure I can imagine running a Linux server with anything else but
Debian. It seems to suit me in most situations I can throw at it.

*shrug* :)

- Jeff

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