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Re: [SLUG] multiple POP-3 servers on one machine

> > > Then what does apache virtual hosting do?
> > 
> > It looks at the HTTP "Host:" header in the request.
> Unless you are doing IP address based virtual hosting, which is what I am
> using.

which is now trying to be phased out...  recently ARIN stopped handing out
IPs for virtual hosting, i think APNIC and RIPE have or will have similar

the protocol spec for HTTP 1.0 did not include the Host: part of the
request and hence the inability to resolve multiple hostnames on a single

hence the spec for HTTP 1.1 includes the Host: part so that your httpd can
determine which website the user is after without wasting multiple IPs on
a single machine...

problem is that there are still some people out there who are using
browsers that are only HTTP 1.0 compliant...  the most common workaround
seems to be host each domain as a subdirectory of itself...

rather then the root of someone's site being at www.some_name.com/
it would be at www.some_name.com/some_name/


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