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Re: [SLUG] Extra buttons on the MS mice supported in X?

Im running Dean-Hat(tm) linux

Linux version 2.2.17pre16

i have in my kernel....
i2c (cvs)
lmsensors (cvs)
v3tv (cvs)
alsa 5.9d

i used to have ali-ide and usb but they are now in the 2.2.x kernels
Ive also been meaning to put ext3 in.

X3.3.6 (i like UT, what can i say?)

just get kernel 2.2.17 and compile in usb
i would recommend just compiling it all the way in 
keyboard and mouse support, and making everything else
modules. That will save you some fiddle and since mouse
and keyboards are all from the same drivers anyway, i 
dont see any real reason not to.

asuuming your using make xconfig help the little help button
thingy and it tells you how to mknod the devices

youll need to add....
none            /proc/bus/usb             usbdevfs        defaults   0  

to /etc/fstab also

if you wana just save yourself the effort, you can just put it on usb
or get an rpm kernel (rh7 kernels have usb...)

X 3.3.6 is max 5 buttons i believe, two of which are consumed by
mouse scrolling. X4 has better mouse support.
X apparently only requires three buttons (as in the standard kinda

So in X for me, the two side buttons are just clones. 
Ill go to X4 when glide 2 gets ported sometime soon hopefully


Arunava Sen wrote:
> Dean Hamstead wrote:
> > The MS Intellimouse is a damned good mouse. Who cares abou their
> > software writing skills. They should throw out all that and make
> > peripherals. Logitech makes nice mice also, but im in love with
> > the IM explorer. Works well in linux, esp. on usb (something
> > that windows 95 would never do for me). the side buttons are
> > just buttons 2 and 3 for me though...
> Do you mean that the side buttons are just useless clones of the left
> and right buttons? This is exactly what I was scared of. Thanks for
> responding to my post.
> Just one more thing.... usb mouse... how did you set it up? and what
> kernel and distro(if any) are you using?
> Thanks in advance
> Arun
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