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Re: [SLUG] Extra buttons on the MS mice supported in X?

Dean Hamstead wrote:

> The MS Intellimouse is a damned good mouse. Who cares abou their
> software writing skills. They should throw out all that and make
> peripherals. Logitech makes nice mice also, but im in love with
> the IM explorer. Works well in linux, esp. on usb (something
> that windows 95 would never do for me). the side buttons are
> just buttons 2 and 3 for me though...

Do you mean that the side buttons are just useless clones of the left
and right buttons? This is exactly what I was scared of. Thanks for
responding to my post.

Just one more thing.... usb mouse... how did you set it up? and what
kernel and distro(if any) are you using?

Thanks in advance