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Re: [SLUG] MS goes Open Source - sort of

On Mon, Oct 30, 2000 at 11:18:51AM +1000, John Wiltshire wrote:
> Realistically I'm not so sure that this hack has any real
> positive benefit of OSS other than embarassing M$ and giving the media
> something to go nuts about for a while.

"EXTRA! EXTRA! MS products possibly subject to peer review"

I like Need To Know's take on this issue (http://www.ntk.net/):

    Traditionally, Microsoft has blamed security breaches via 
    trojans, not on the gaping holes in MS software, but to poor
    discipline at the victim's companies.  Companies must educate
    "not to run a program from an origin you don't trust", said a
    MS rep last time we all got hit. So, does this include
    Microsoft itself now?