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Re: [SLUG] Allowing users to write to dos partition.

Terry Collins wrote:
> > This option "user" though just allows users to mount /
> > unmount the device. The partition is automatically mounted
> > when booting - its the permissions I need to change and
> > RedHat won't allow me to.
> That is what I was saying. root umount, then user mount it and see if
> that changes the permissions. There is a process under Redhat that does
> this (automounter?) and it jealously guards the permissions. I had the
> same problem with floppies. 

If its unmounted and a user mounts it then its fine. The
permissions get set to say mikel:dosusers or lindax:dosusers
so the user can write to it but only that user (this machine
has two users). But it gets mounted at boot time and is
therefore mounted by root and is owned by root and users
don't mount it themselves. Permissions on it didn't change
when it was mounted/unmounted. Perhaps Im missing something
in my understanding here but that gid thingy did the trick.

What I have done now for the other user is to add a symlink
from their netscape mail on the windows partition to
netscape mail on Linux so she can see and modify her windows
mail under Linux. Hopefully that will reduce her need to

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