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[SLUG] Debian newbie guide for existing linux users

Steven downing wrote:
> I've only been a Linux user for a few months now, and decided to go Debian last week.  Inside one week I've got more set up and working correctly than I did in x months of RedHat. X worked out of the box, (almost, bad hardware cursor), XMMS and all those sound things needed a bit of chmod /dev/ (mixer..dsp...audio), but all is great now.

I also decided to give debian a proper try this weekend.  


The system currently has no network connection.  (new house, no
phone-line yet)  I have ISOs of teh three debian 2.2 CDs I burnt in
August, and I figured they should be enough to get it going.  If really
needed I can carry the computer to work (I'm living 2 minutes walk from
where I work - very convinent) and plug it into a high-speed net

My video card is a Riva TNT 2.  It won't detect automatically, but I
know how to set it up using XConfigurator under other linux distros. 
Except not only do I not have XConfigurator, I don't even appear to have
any X Servers installed (running X gives a message about failing to
execute XFree86_NONE)

I have no idea how this apt thing works.  It sounds good though.

If there a guide anywhere titled "Debian for people who have had a lot
of experience using Redhat and redhat like linux distributions like
Mandrake who now wish to change to Debian"?

 - Doug

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