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Re: [SLUG] 1st Debian install (was M$ goes open source)

I've only been a Linux user for a few months now, and decided to go Debian last week.  Inside one week I've got more set up and working correctly than I did in x months of RedHat. X worked out of the box, (almost, bad hardware cursor), XMMS and all those sound things needed a bit of chmod /dev/ (mixer..dsp...audio), but all is great now.

Ok so dselect is daunting, I just browse through, check out what I have, and what I want, quit out, then do an apt-get install <package>.

Much kudos to SLUG though, as now I know how to handedit the right files, getting stuff to work is a whole load easier than bashing my head against RH's sndconfig.
Sure the learning curve is a little steep, but once it's up and running, it seems no harder than any other distro. Hey, after 1 week of Debian I've settled enough to start learning Perl, and  play quake.


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