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Re: [SLUG] Eating with SLUG

<quote who="Terry Collins">

> Apart from not being particularly interested in the topics

At the meetings? Please tell us what you'd like to hear, see, yada yada
yada. Post to the list!

We're not really clairvoyant. Gus can be, but only if you think purely in
punctuation. Oh, and Anand can do it often enough, but everyone in the room
gets a headache. Conrad just hears voices.

It's always nice to hear about what can be done better, etc. :)

> Q & A should be only a token affair at meetings (30 mins max), then get
> stuck into it. Out the door to the chow by 8:45pm at latest.

Oh. I kinda like Q&A. But yes, we should tighten it up a bit, and make sure
the conversations don't wander off too much. It would be sad to lose that
little bit of anarchy at the beginning, because we really concentrate more
on 'presentations' now, instead of really involving things. The meetings are
a bit big...

Any ideas, send them here or to committee@xxxxxxxxxxx!

- Jeff

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