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Re: [SLUG] Eating with SLUG

<quote who="Anand Kumria">

> The one we are thinking of is near Glebe and I didn't find it bad at all.

Yeah, there's a difference. The Broadway one doesn't suck too much, plus I
think it suits our budgetary requirements.</boardroom-speak>

> About 2 `don't mind, just decide before the meeting so I can choose
> where to park'.

Oh - good point. When we decide, I'll put that up on the website.

> Bathurst St., (and the Mamma's Kitchen near the Cinemas) are a lot further
> than we currently walk to HoGZ. Do people want more exercise or less?

The older folk hardly ever come to dinner these days anyway (perhaps it's
too late for their bedtime), so I don't think the wander will hurt so much.

Is the choice of restaurant the main reason why people don't come to dinner
these days?

- Jeff

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