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Re: [SLUG] Eating with SLUG

Wrote Anand:
> Mamm's Kitchen is an Italian restaurant which is located near the
> Broadway shopping centre. Its distance from UTS is similiar to
> the HoGZ but it is further from train transport (but corresspondingly
> closer to Glebe).

My experience is that Mamma's kitchen is yuck. Bad food, bad service, bad
smells, etc. And anywhere that resorts to handing out paper fliers to
passers-by can't be too great.

If you like chinese, I'd go for BBQ King, an excellent chinese eating house
on Goulburn or Bathurst St (just down from Delifrance). Reasonable prices,
and the best Szechuan pork I've ever had. I think they take bookings, and
they are very popular.


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