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Re: [SLUG] networksolutions reply time

On Mon, Oct 23, 2000 at 09:11:51PM +1100, marty wrote:
> >  I am in the process of changing the name server
> > details  at the networksolutions site to point to my
> > Linux box. However, mailing back the confirmation form
> > does not result in a reply. Could anyone on the list
> > shed some light on this, does it take a while (this
> > has happened before)?
> you can take any estimate anyone gives you, add 7, multiply by 13 and
> subtract the uptime of your box in days...   ;)
> seriously though, NSI is hopeless in this regard. if you want a response
> ASAP send them a fax instead...   better still find another registrar that
> has web based forms to update the details yourself...   i went with
> domainmonger.com but a google search should turn up heaps of
> alternatives...

Something useful is <URL: http://domainnamebuyersguide.com/>