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RE: [SLUG] Visual Age for Java on Linux [Slightly OT]

The best I can help you with is to check out IBMs news server.. I think they
have a group there for it.
We are using version 3.5 but I'm not game enough to try it under Linux as it
killed my server at home being very resource hungry..

George Vieira
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Subject: [SLUG] Visual Age for Java on Linux [Slightly OT]


I am running VAJ on linux, and am having problems exporting progams (ie
I have developed an app in VAJ, but am having problems assembling a
release of the code that will compile on other machines w/ javac (JDK)
or the IBM java VM)

I was wondering if any SLUGers had experience with this.  I have hunted
around the web but come up with precious little.

Thanks in advance


(Apologies for the slightly OT content)

Depend on the rabbit's foot if you will, but remember, it did not help
rabbit much
-- R.E. Shay

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