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[SLUG] Reinstalling Lilo on a reiserfs system.

I had to reinstall windows on my dual-boot system, and as expected
windows overwrote the lilo boot loader.  Easy to fix, I just put in my
linux boot disk and boot it up - except teh disk has devoloped a whole
bunch of bad sectors.

Not a problem! I think.  I'll just use a TOMRTBT boot disk to do the
job.  Except after booting I realize this wont work, because my root
partition is using reiserfs, not ext2.  I figure even this shouldn't be
a problem, since I can just boot off the installation CD and select
'rescue' and use that instead.  Except the Mandrake 7.1 CD rescue disk
doesn't have support for reiserfs.  

So what can I do?  I need either a boot disk which will let me mount
reiserfs partitions, or a way of installing a boot loader without
mounting the partition that it will be running.  

If it's any help, /boot is a 12 MB ext2 partition.  The system itself is
Mandrake 7.1 with a few patches and updates.

 - Doug

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