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Re: [SLUG] Home network project

If you want ALL the machines (including the gateway) to access the net and
be useable then do as the other knowledgeable SLUGGERS have said.

If however you have a machine (even an older one) that you can live without
actually using as a workstation/terminal/etc  then might I suggest an on the
whole simpler solution might be e-smith http://www.e-smith.com and the
developers site at http://www.e-smith.org  (also the ISO image can be
downloaded from  http://isocentral.mirror.aarnet.edu.au ).

With a spare machine with a NIC in it and a modem and any ISP account (and a
couple of mins config per network machine if you're lucky)  it took me about
25 mins after downloading it to get the whole thing set up. It's a sweet
product. almost totally idiot proof and though it may "offend" some of the
hardcore linux purists it's a godsend for some of us and exactly the type of
product that will gt opensource mainstream in a big way.

Besides that even though it' primarily a Canadian product it has a strong
Aussie flavour with a rather large dash of SLUG in the form of Charlie Brady
:-) and even more recently with the addition of Skud of "Netizen" fame for
those of you who may know (or know of) her.

:-) Sorry about the slight sales pitch but I love the product, it's exactly
what I needed when I needed it and if you've got the spare machine even and
older lower-specced one I'd highly recommened it.


P.S  I suppose I should mention I had one slight problem that took me about
24 hours to solve, everything was up and running correctly but the network
couldn't see the e-smith server.. I played around with all sorts of things
until in a fit of inspiration I finally moved the NIC from PCI slot one to
PCI slot two and we were away.. :-) Doh!  should have thought of that

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Subject: [SLUG] Home network project

I found an article, Howto, about using a pc as an internet gateway for a
home network (by Paul Ramsay). However the article assumes you have a cable
link to the internet and unfortunately I have not got the luxury of having
one. I have, however, like most people, an all-you-can-eat :), dialup
account. My question is, how easy is it to reconfigure for dialup instead
off cable?. I ve got ppp configured and it can actually connect to my isp,
but even on the linux box netscape could not browse the net.

Does anyone know of any howto or any other artcle that explain in basic
terms exactly how to enable internet sharing using linux. I think you can
even have it so that when a request is made by any pc in the internal
network, it will check to see that ppp is active, if not it will execute the
appropraite apps to enable the ppp link.

Many thanks