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Re: [SLUG] Home network project

I think there is a misunderstanding here.

I think that when they refer to a NIC connecting to the external network,
they are assuming a Cisco or similar intervenes.

In your case I would assume that you only need the one NIC for your
internal network, with the external connection through your ppp

Unless of course you are using the second NIC to hang a public server (web
or similar) off and thus provide some separation between your public
access network and your internal network.  Often refered to as a DMZ.

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On Mon, 23 Oct 2000, Holroyd Engineering Services wrote:

> Thanks for everyone who responded to my original question. I am surprise and
> amazed at the speed of the response. I have to explain that I am a new to
> this OS, but have use pc's on M$ OS  for a number of years.
> Iam using Red Hat 6.2 on a cyrix machine with 2 nic and an external modem.
> According to the article by Paul Ramsay, one nic, say Nic2, is to service
> the internal network, the other nic, say Nic1, the external network. This
> should provide me with a reasonable "medium-strength" firewall.
> I guess since Nic1 services the external network and because I'm using
> dialup, how do I tell the system to somehow have Nic1 communicate with the
> external network through ppp0, my dialup interface.
> I will checkout ppp, IP-Masqurade  and ipchain - howto's as suggested, but
> if anyone have a basic checklist I could follow I would be grateful if they
> could pass it on.
> Many thanks