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Re: [SLUG] Html Email Format part 2

On Thu, Oct 19, 2000 at 11:06:27AM +1000, Alister Waller wrote:

> I have now switched to plain text.

Thank you.

> Can I ask why people use non-html enabled mail clients?? What is the benefit

Because mutt is the best mail client I've found so far.  Because I appreciate
content far more than style.  Because almost all HTML formatted mail adds
absolutely *nothing* to the content of the message.  A different font, the odd
bold or italic word or phrase, but what else?  Nothing.  Because HTML can be
used to spread malicious content.  Because HTML mail is bandwidth-unfriendly.
Because I just don't like it.

This list is (mostly :-)) about helping people, surely if you're asking for
help you do it in the way most appreciated by those whose help you're seeking? 
Irritating people by the manner in which you ask for help is not going to make
them more likely to provide that help, is it?

> based mail reader. You mention bandwith, I am sure a lot of you download
> pictures and Mpeg 3's etc which hog a lot more of that than a few extra
> lines of text in an email.

Stop thinking of yourself and think of those that host the mailing list.  Isn't
it just good manners to minimise the cost to them?  IIRC (from a message on
this list ages ago), before the list moved to the new servers, the traffic was
enough to saturate a 128K ISDN link, and they don't come cheap.  I have no idea
how much bandwidth it uses now, but it's likely to be more rather than less.


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