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RE: [SLUG] Html Email Format part 2

Alister Waller [alister@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx] wrote:

> Can I ask why people use non-html enabled mail clients?? What 
> is the benefit of this? Is this a linux geeky type thing??
> Seems strange when you look at what computers are capable of 
> that a minority (I am taking a stab in the virtual darkness)
> still insist on using a text based mail reader.

It's not just linux weenies that are affected!

Outlook 97, which seems to be the standard for corporate Exchange server
users doesn't support HTML. One needs to open a HTML file in IE/Netscape to
read the email - try replying to that! 

(Although some mailers do send a plain text copy with an attached HTML copy
- double the size!)  

That's a widely used mail reader that doesn't support HTML.