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Re: [SLUG] Html Email Format part 2

I am sure we all like to grab the odd mp3, but with that in mind, you'd be
refering to bandwidth we pay for off our own backs.

But as someone pointed out, when it comes to a mail list, not only do we
all pay for the emails, but someone also must pay for the server/servers
the email list is hosted on before it gets to us.

Personally, I don't want to be paying for HTML encoded emails when I don't
think it is necessary, unless of course someone wants to pay my bandwidth

Just my $2 worth

On Thu, 19 Oct 2000, Alister Waller wrote:

> Well for those of you who complained about my email it was actually in rich
> text format not html format.
> I have now switched to plain text.
> Can I ask why people use non-html enabled mail clients?? What is the benefit
> of this? Is this a linux geeky type thing??
> Seems strange when you look at what computers are capable of that a minority
> (I am taking a stab in the virtual darkness) still insist on using a text
> based mail reader. You mention bandwith, I am sure a lot of you download
> pictures and Mpeg 3's etc which hog a lot more of that than a few extra
> lines of text in an email.
> regards
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