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RE: [SLUG] PPP under RH6.2 - Rec on HOWTO

> Can anyone recommend a relevant guide to setting up PPP under RH6.2?
> This is a dial up on demand situation from the GUI (not me).
> It has all changed since the last time I set one up and there is nil
> relevant doco on the default RH install (I don't call steps to setup
> kernel ppp as really useful, which is all I could find).
> As near as I can work out, RH has changed to using WvDial for on demand
> dialing - is this correct?

If wvdial is installed then yes it will use wvdial. Then you need to read
the man pages for wvdial.

If it aint then you can just use the ppp section of linuxconf. Add in a
connection with the correct details and go from there. Thats about as gui as
it gets. It seems to work ok tho.